Terri wegman pastelist


My work in the pastel medium has become my voice when interpreting what I see.  The tactile connection of using pigment directly creates an excitement in the painting process.  The beginning use of line often becomes obscured with the layers and layers of colorful pigment used to build form and dimension in the painting.

Still life painting is one of my favorites. I begin my paintings by asking, “What is the attraction in my choice?  I enjoy the staging of the shapes of objects and the balancing of the colors of the piece to work in concert. I believe a strong still life, unlike its literal title should evoke movement for the viewer and the artist.

I have recently been painting portraits of the family dog.  These could become my greatest challenge yet.  What can be more meaningful than looking into the soulful eyes of a family pet. 

I believe it is not always what the artist has shown us directly that creates a great painting, but how the observer becomes engaged in the dialogue.

Painting is a lifelong journey.  Even when the brush or pencil is not touching the canvas the imagery and story remains in my heart.